> Free software iFit
A software package for region-based tracer kinetic modeling
Developed by Ole Lajord Munk

A program for kinetic analyses of dynamic PET data: time-activity curves are loaded into iFit where kinetic models can be fitted to your data. iFit contains most tracer kinetic models (mainly compartment models), input models (to correct for time-delay and dispersion), models for metabolite correction, an interactive tool for choosing an initial guess, a powerful custom-made optimizer, and more.

You may download and use iFit for free.

You are encouraged to report bugs and suggest improvements to but I cannot promise to correct or update the software (iFit is a project that I work on during my spare time). Thus, I will read your e-mail but cannot promise a personal answer to all e-mails.


Thank you for downloading iFit

iFit has been used for years at the PET Center in Aarhus and at various sites around the world - and has been used for kinetic analysis in more than 50 peer-reviewed papers. Thus, iFit has been thoroughly tested by many people. Still, only download iFit if you accept this:

For non-commercial scientific research usage only. This beta version has not been validated for any clinical use. This version of iFit must not be sold or otherwise distributed. Scientific papers should acknowledge the use of iFit

This program is provided as-is and without any warranty. I do not warrant error-free functionality and I am not liable for any consequences related to installation and use (or misuse) of this program. Furthermore, I cannot warrant that the software will be updated or be available in the future.

Free iFit download:

iFit Version 0.82
This iFit installer is validated on Windows 7 and Windows 10

Installation notes
Read this PDF before you install iFit

Test data and quick guide (optional)
The ZIP file contains a very basic set of data to play around with. Also, you may use the files to check some of the simple data formats that can be loaded into iFit